Our history

The school was built with the money donated by French-Armenian benefactor Yeznik Mozyan, and carries his name. The founders of the <<Yeznik Mozian vocational school>> foundation in Shoushi, NKR are

  • The Republic of Artsakh, in the person of the Government of the Republic of Artsakh,
  • All Armenian Fund of France,
  • A representative of Yeznik Mozyan’s family, Robert Aydabiryan.

The school was designed by the example of similar French educational institutions, considering the recommendations of the professional committee of All Armenian Fund of France.

Our mission is to provide the younger generation with vocational education using the most effective modern teaching methods. From the first educational year students will be given a job.

Studying in <<Yeznik Mozian vocational school>> has many advantages.

  • A labor contract which allows not only to earn money but also to obtain working contacts,
  • to study the profession on a regular basis in two different locations, in companies and colleges, that fill each other mutually,
  • a state diploma certifying professional qualifications and maturity certificate,
  • remuneration which is regulated by the apprenticeship contract and the relevant legislative acts of the Republic of Artsakh.

The best use of the opportunities provided by the <<Yeznik Mozian vocational school>>  foundation will ensure your worthy place in the labor market…

Best regards